Zoom is a video and audio web conferencing tool with easy collaboration, chat, screen sharing and more across mobile devices, desktops, and telephones.


Zoom is a web conferencing program and so much more. See how Zoom is used for Teaching, Learning, and Meeting.

Zoom For Teaching

Use Zoom to present your classes synchronously online. Students can join live from a computer or mobile device and use their device's speaker/microphone or a phone to listen and/or ask questions. Faculty can also record classes to share for asynchronous access.

Zoom For Learning

Students can join classes presented with Zoom on a computer or mobile device with internet access. 

Listen to audio with your speaker/headphones or your phone.

Zoom For Meetings

Use Zoom to hold meetings with attendees in different locations. Attendees can join from a computer or mobile device, share screens, and even collaborate on a virtual whiteboard.

Record meetings to your device or to the cloud.

Prevent and Manage Disruptions in Your Zoom Sessions

Just like in person classes or meetings, Zoom session have their own disruptions.

Familiarize yourself with these Zoom settings in particular to help prevent and manage disruptions:

Get Started

Sign into the Zoom web portal and download, install, and sign into the Zoom App to start.

Install Zoom
  1. Check if your device already has the Zoom App
  2. If not, download and install it
  3. Sign into the Zoom App with SSO (NetID)
Start a Zoom Meeting
  1. The first time you use your Stony Brook Zoom account, go to stonybrook.zoom.us in a browser
  2. Click Sign in, and sign in with SSO (NetID)
  3. In the top right, click Host a Meeting and select from the drop down to start a Zoom now
Audio, Video, & Sharing

Use your device's microphone/headset or a phone or audio

Use your webcam for video (or turn video off)

Share your screen, a whiteboard, or even share content from your iPhone

Meetings up to 1,000

Zoom Meetings* allows for up to 1,000 people at a time for

  • Collaborative meetings where anyone can speak, use video, share their screen
  • Host/co-host presentations for participants that can listen and watch only

*We do not have Zoom Webinars

Get Help

Contact Zoom Support
For general Zoom questions, contact Zoom support
  1. Sign into Zoom at stonybrook.zoom.us
  2. Click the Zoom Support icon in the bottom right corner
  3. Select from the options to get help
Get Training
For Zoom's Learning Center

Check out opportunities to learn more about Zoom directly from Zoom.

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