Setting/Changing the Password for Zoom Cloud Recordings

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Created: 04/15/2020 Last Updated: 01/26/2023

Zoom cloud recordings can be set to automatically require a password to view. If this setting is on, all cloud recordings will be assigned a random password. For recurring meetings that are recorded to the cloud, each instance of the Zoom will automatically get a different password.

Here's how to find the password and, if desired, change it:

  1. in a web browser, go to and log in
  2. On the left, click Recordings and select Cloud Recordings on the top. Click Share to the right of the recording you want to see/set password for 
  3. In Share this cloud recording, you'll see the password that was automatically set for the recording.
    1. Share that password and the recordings' link with those who you want to view the recording.
    2. OR change the password and click Save to set a new password.
    3. OR toggle off the password protect slider to turn off the password requirement for this individual recording
  4. After future sessions, go into and follow the same steps to share/change the password requirement for that recording.
Keep Zoom Cloud Recording Retention in mind when sharing/accessing cloud recordings, as cloud recordings are automatically deleted as per that retention timeline.

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