Google Workspace

Google Workspace for Education is the primary email system for everyone at Stony Brook University except Hospital employees and members of the School of Medicine and School of Dental Medicine. Stony Brook's Google Workspace includes Mail, Calendar, Drive, Contacts, Sites, Groups, Hangouts and a host of other applications to enhance communication and real-time collaboration across campus.


Accessible: Anytime, Anywhere

Access your content on Google Drive from anywhere with an internet connection: computers and mobile devices

Simplified Collaboration

Easily share and collaborate on documents, calendars, and websites through Google products and edit files collaboratively in real-time with Google Drive! 

No More Updates

As a web service, Google Apps is automatically updated by Google. You will not have to worry about installing updates yourself. 

Group Management

Create your own groups to simplify communication and collaboration. Request a Google Group, and then you can add and remove members and manage group settings. 

Collaborative Spaces

Chat, share content, collaborate on documents, schedule meetings, assign team tasks, and more in a shared space with your team or 1-to-1. 

Offline Access

Enable Offline Access in Chrome or on your device and you can access your content even if you're offline in GmailCalendar and Google Drive.

SBU Branded Email

Email addresses follow this format: (common names will have some variation to this).

Privacy and Security

Learn more about Google Privacy and Security

Related Services

Google Mail

Google Mail is the preferred email system at Stony Brook University for faculty, staff, and students on West Campus, Southampton, Manhattan, and select departments within the Health Sciences Center.

Members of Stony Brook Medicine, including Stony Brook Hospital and the School of Dental Medicine, will continue to use Microsoft Exchange for email due to HIPAA compliance requirements.

Google Drive

Google Drive provides a single place to store, create, sync, and share documents, files, and folders of all types.  Access files anywhere - at your desk, from home, or on a mobile device. 

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the calendar feature offered with Google Apps for Education. It allows users to easily create, share, edit, and delete meeting invitations, calendar events, and tasks. These are easily accessed and synced between computers and mobile devices.

Google Sites

Google Sites is an online application that makes it easy to host personal websites, especially for people who need quick, up-to-date access, with limited or zero Web development expertise.

Google Chat

Google Chat is a collaborative messaging tool. It allows you to chat, share content, schedule meetings, and more in a shared space with your team or 1-to-1. And all of your teams can have their own chat Spaces, for collaborating on documents and assigning team tasks. You can even create external Rooms to collaborate with people outside Stony Brook.

Google Groups

Google Groups makes it easy for groups of people - such as project teams, departments, or classmates - to communicate and collaborate over topics of common interest.  Request a Google Group for easy group email distribution.

Google Contacts

Google Contacts stores and organizes contact information for those you communicate with and the Stony Brook Directory. Contacts can contain basic information-like names, email addresses, and phone numbers-or extended information, like physical addresses, employers, departments, job titles, or custom notes.

Google Meet (Web Conferencing)

Use Google Meet for video conferencing and screen sharing with up to 100 participants.

Who Gets An Account?

Accounts are automatically created for all eligible students, faculty, and staff. Special domains exist for retirees and alumni, too!

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Google Help

Visit Google's support pages for more on using Drive. 

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DoIT Workshops

View past (and upcoming, if applicable) DoIT workshops on Google Drive. For past workshops, access workshop resources, too.

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