Google Drive

Google Drive provides a single place to store, create, sync, and share documents, files, and folders of all types.  Access files anywhere - at your desk, from home, or on a mobile device. 

Change: My Drive Trash Automatically Deleted

October 13, 2020

Starting October 13, 2020, Files in the My Drive Trash will automatically delete after 30 days (before then, My Drive trash wasn't ever deleted automatically). You can only restore a deleted file within those 30 days.


Access From Any Device

Worried about losing a flash drive of presentations? Do you want to edit your documents on the go? You can easily access files anywhere -  on a computer (even offline) or on a mobile device

Cloud Storage

Google Drive provides a single place to store, access, create, edit, sync, and share documents, files, and folders of most types.  You can upload files as large as 5TB.

Share Easily With Anyone

Google Drive is also great for collaboration; multiple people can even work at the same time on one document! 

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Create and share Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Maps, Drawings and more that is accessible online from any computer.

*East Campus users with accounts should contact the Hospital Help Desk at 631-444-HELP to get access to a Google Drive account.

Shared Drives

A Google Shared Drive is a place where departments or official student groups can create, store, and search files, without having to manage who owns what because the team owns the files, not individuals. And if a member leaves the team, the files stay in the Shared Drive. You can belong to multiple Shared Drives, and they're available wherever you access your My Drive. Shared Drives work very similarly to your Google My Drive. Learn more about using Shared Drives.

Note: Shared Drives cannot have Google Forms with file upload questions

Request a Shared Drive

Faculty and staff can request a Shared Drive. Fill out the form, supplying email addresses and Solar IDs of at least 2 who will manage the Shared Drive.

Google Drive for Desktop

Access My Drive and Shared Drives from your Desktop

 Access all of My Drive and Shared Drives files on demand, directly from your computer’s desktop or folders. It streams files from Google Drive on the web without using up your hard drive space.  Great for video, image, PDF files -- any file type that you can only edit on your computer.   These files are stored in Google Drive on the web so you can share them with anyone but open them on your desktop.

Once installed, look for the Google Drive icon next to the time on your computer or in your system tray.

Backup Your Computer

Another function of Drive for Desktop is that it will backup any folder or library on your computer to Google Drive on the web.  This function replaces the old Backup and Sync tool.  If you are a Backup and Sync user and wasn't prompted to migrate, save your work and restart your computer.

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