Controlling Google Docs Sharing Permissions

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Last Updated: March 22, 2017

As a file owner, when you share a document in Google Drive and give someone "edit" permissions, they will be able to change sharing settings, and viewers and commenters will be able to print, copy, and download the file by default unless you change these settings:

  1. Click Share from the file
  2. In the bottom right of the Share with others box, click Advanced
    drive share settings access advanced settings
  3. At the very bottom of the Sharing Settings dialog box are Owner settings (if you don't see Owner settings, you might not be the document owner). Check the options you'd like to change here:
    • To prevent editors from being able to share the file, check Prevent editors from changing access and adding new people
    • To prevent those with view or comment access from downloading, printing, or copying the file, check Disable options to download, print, and copy for commenters and viewers

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