Centers, Schools & Institutes

Institute for Theoretical Physics

Chi Hung
Senior Programmer Analyst
(631) 632-4157

Laufer Center for Physical and Quantitative Biology

Feng Zhang
Lead Programmer Analyst
(631) 632-5406

Mineral Physics Institute

Kenneth Baldwin
University Instructional Specialist
(631) 632-8206

School of Journalism

Philip Altiere
Instructional Support Technician
(631) 632-2132

School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

Mark Lang
Senior Systems Engineer
(631) 632-3723

School of Professional Development

Harry Walsh
Lead Programmer Analyst
(631) 632-9511

Simons Center for Geometry and Physics

Jason May
Senior Programmer Analyst
(631) 632-2839
Tim Young
Senior Programmer Analyst
(631) 632-2838

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)

Carol Hernandez, Ed.D.
Senior Instructional Designer
(631) 632-2072
Dini Diskin-Zimmerman
TV Producer/Director
(631) 632-1026
Joseph Lodato
Instructional Support, Video & Media Specialist
(631) 632-4649
Kimberly Bell, Ph.D.
Teaching Assistant Development Specialist
(631) 632-1588
Kristin Hall, Ph.D.
Instructional Designer
(631) 632-2071
Lorraine Carroll
Opscan Supervisor
(631) 632-8032
Margaret M. Puglisi
Senior Staff Assistant
(631) 632-7643
Marla Gorman
Testing Center Coordinator
(631) 632-1861
Rose Tirotta-Esposito, Ed.D
(631) 632-2074
Yiren Kong, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Associate
(631) 632-2786

College of Arts and Sciences

Ecology and Evolution

Fumio Aoki
Bioscience System Administrator
(631) 632-8539


Patrick Tonra
Senior Programmer Analyst
(631) 632-4505

Art (support for Mac computers only)

Jomy Muttathil
Instructional Lab Support
(631) 632-7279


Doug Swesty
Supervising Programmer Analyst
(631) 632-8055


Carlos Simmerling
(631) 632-5424
Daniel Cashmar
Electronics Specialist
(631) 632-1641

Dean's Office of Arts and Sciences

Ed McFadden
Assistant Dean
(631) 632-8905


Owen Evans
Director of Laboratories
(631) 632-8061

Linguistics (support for Mac computers only)

Jomy Muttathil
Instructional Lab Support
(631) 632-7279

Music (support for Mac computers only)

Jomy Muttathil
Instructional Lab Support
(631) 632-7279

Philosophy (support for Mac computers only)

Jomy Muttathil
Instructional Lab Support
(631) 632-7279


Dean Schamberger
University Instructional Specialist
(631) 632-8094


Lea'von Falcon
Instructional Support Specialist
(631) 632-6989
Ralph Molaro
Director of Laboratories
(631) 632-9965

Theater (support for Mac computers only)

Jomy Muttathil
Instructional Lab Support
(631) 632-7279

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Biomedical Engineering

Wei Lin
Research Assistant Professor
(631) 632-1639

Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Victor Poon
Senior Programmer Analyst
(631) 632-8170

Civil Engineering

CEAS IT Office

Computer Science

Erez Zadok
Associate Professor
(631) 632-8461

Computer Science - Database and Web Support

Vibha Mullick
Senior Programmer Analyst
(631) 632-1637

Computer Science - Director of Operations for Computer Science and the Center for Visual Computing

Ken Gladky
Director of Operations for Computer Science and the Center for Visual Computing
(631) 632-8434

Computer Science - Linux and Network Support

David Cajigas
Senior Programmer Analyst
(631) 632-1613

Computer Science - Networking and Unix Infrastructure

Brian Tria
Supervising Programmer Analyst
(631) 632-8751

Computer Science - Windows Division Manager

Peter Ruland
Senior Programmer Analyst
(631) 632-1537

Computer Science - Windows Labs and Client Administrator

Michael Delgrosso
Senior Programmer Analyst
(631) 632-1697

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Scott Campbell
Instructional Support Specialist
(631) 632-4456

Electrical Engineering

Anthony Olivo
Instructional Support Specialist
(631) 632-8390

Electrical Engineering Network Administration

John Joseph
Senior Programmer Analyst
(631) 632-8391

Material Science and Chemical Engineering

CEAS IT Office
(631) 632-8764

Mechanical Engineering

CEAS IT Office

Health Sciences

Clinical Practice Management Plan (CPMP)

CPMP Help Desk
(631) 444-3466

Long Island State Veterans Home (LISVH)

Angela Demmer
Director of Information Services
(631) 444-8642
Mike Chia
Information Services Manager
(631) 444-8641


Paul Stern
Supervising Programmer Analyst
(631) 444-3830

Psychiatry and Behavioral Health

Kevin Kelly
Senior Residential Support Specialist
(631) 444-2502
Stephen Huysman
Programmer Analyst
(631) 638-1524

School of Dental Medicine

Tony Russo
IT Representative for Dental Medicine

School of Health Technology and Management

Petko Orecharov
Lead Programmer Analyst
(631) 444-2255

School of Medicine/Office of Scientific Affairs

David Cyrille
Senior Programmer Analyst
(631) 444-7399
Erich Bremer
Associate Director of Computing Services
(631) 444-3560
Jizu Zhi
Senior Programmer Analyst, Office of Scientific Affairs Bioinformatics Division
(631) 444-1295
Joseph Balsamo
Supervising Programmer Analyst
(631) 444-3102
Medical Informatics
(631) 444-8006
Tammy DiPrima
Programmer Analyst

School of Nursing

Keri Hollander
Director of Grants and Program Outcomes
(631) 444-1055
Saskya Barresi
Senior Programmer Analyst
(631) 444-9655
School of Nursing Technical Support
(631) 444-7505
Yaozu Dong
Lead Programmer Analyst
(631) 638-2613

Stony Brook Medicine IT

Allen Zawada
Senior Programmer Analyst
(631) 444-9757
Dennis Gallagher
Supervising Programmer Analyst
(631) 444-8389
Dr. Gerald Kelly
Interim Chief Information Officer, Stony Brook Medicine
Harbinder Singh
Senior Programmer Analyst
(631) 444-6721
James Dolan
Assistant Director Computing Services
(631) 444-1400
James Xikis
Programming Project Leader - Medical Informatics
(631) 444-3871
Kevin Kenny
Manager of Client Support
(631) 444-0595
Michael Nappi
Programmer Analyst - Client Support
(631) 444-6467
Peter Durcan
Assistant Director Computing Services, Telecommunication
(631) 638-2124
Sampurna Shrestha
Senior Systems Administrator
(631) 444-8992
Tom Consalvo
Chief Technology Officer
(631) 444-1545

Operations and Administration

Access Control

Christopher Griswold
Assistant Manager of Access Control
(631) 632-6407

The Office of Equity and Access

Glenn Dausch
Web Accessibility Officer/EIT Coordinator

University Communications

Jose Muniz
Lead Programmer Analyst
(631) 632-4911

Student Services

Office of Student Life

Mike Ingenito
Audio Visual Services Coordinator
(631) 632-7343

Student Health and Wellness/Student Health Services/Center for Prevention and Outreach/Counseling and Psychological Services

Dariusz Soszynski
System Programmer/Analyst
(631) 632-6702
John Shackelford
Lead Programmer/Analyst
(631) 632-5715

VP Student Affairs Office

Ahmed Belazi
Director, Division of Student Affairs
(631) 632-6713