D2L Brightspace has been selected as the new digital learning environment (DLE) for all SUNY schools.  

With Brightspace, you’ll be able to add content like before but also gauge student progress and learning with several Brightspace tools.

Brightspace Timeline

Summer 2022

Use Blackboard

Fall 2022

Use Brightspace or Blackboard

  • Faculty choose whether to use Brightspace or Blackboard
    Provost's office will send additional information
  • Students enrolled in your course will be put in both your Blackboard course shell and Brightspace course shell. Faculty will choose whether they would like to use Blackboard or Brightspace. An announcement will be posted letting the students know which platform is being used. You can not use both, since this will cause confusion for the students.

Spring 2023

Most Classes use Brightspace

  • Faculty use Brightspace by Spring 2023
  • Blackboard will remain available through December 2023

How do I prepare my course for fall 2022?

There are several steps you can take now to prepare your Blackboard courses for the upcoming migration to Brightspace:

1. Delete any content in your Blackboard course that you do not need to move over.

2. Remove any references to Blackboard in your content.

3. Check all links and fix any that are broken.

4. Delete any unused grade columns.

5. Wikis, Blogs and Journals do not migrate. Please copy any content you may need into a document (Word, Google Docs, etc.) then delete them from Blackboard.

*Content adapted from SUNY Broome.


Faculty Training Options

There are several ways for you to learn Brightspace, including live hands-on training, demonstrations and recorded training:

  • SUNY Training Provided Training
  • DoIT Provided Training
  • Brightspace Provided Training

Brightspace Community

Join the Brightspace Community* to get help and suggestions from other Brightspace users, and then search topics, suggest ideas, and register for Brightspace-provided guided training.

*The Brightspace Community does not use NetID, so you need to set up your account/password for access

Learn More

SUNY Project Site

The key question on everyone’s mind is timing—for training, for planning, for when the transition to SUNY’s new digital learning environment starts on your campus. It is the selection of your campus cohort that drives the timeline for your institution. Each cohort undergoes a three-phase process expected to take between 11-13 months.

Fireside Chat

SUNY offers weekly online Brightspace Fireside chat sessions, an informal opportunity to learn about and discuss the benefits and features of the Brightspace learning environment. Sign into your SUNY account to register. 


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Additional Information

Getting Help

The Division of Information Technology provides support on all of our services. If you require assistance please submit a support ticket through the IT Service Management system.

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SBU Brightspace Pilot support team

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