Google Forms with File Upload Questions and Shared Drives

Google Forms in Shared Drives cannot have file upload questions. Forms with File upload questions can only be in My Drive.

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Created: 08/08/2023 Last Updated: 08/08/2023

Google Forms with file upload questions are not compatible with Shared Drives (they can only be in My Drive). Move/create Google Forms with file upload questions to My Drive to resolve this.

You'll see unexpected behavior from the form if you try to do this:

If you move a Google Form with a File upload question type to a Shared Drive

  • When users try to fill out the form, they will get a message that the form is no longer accepting responses.
    message that google form is not accepting responses
  • Form editors will see an error message: "Forms containing File Upload questions are not currently supported in shared drives. Please remove this form from the shared drive."
    message that file upload questions can't be in Shared Drive

If you try to add a file upload question to a Google Form already in a Shared Drive

  • The file upload question type will be grayed out
    file upload question type option grayed out


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