Google Mail

Google Mail is the preferred email system at Stony Brook University for faculty, staff, and students on West Campus, Southampton, Manhattan, and select departments within the Health Sciences Center.

Members of Stony Brook Medicine, including Stony Brook Hospital and the School of Dental Medicine, will continue to use Microsoft Exchange for email due to HIPAA compliance requirements.

Fall 2018: New Gmail

Beginning October 16th, 2018, everyone will be on the new Gmail - the classic view will no longer be available. 


About New Gmail

The overall layout of new Gmail is the same, but it has an updated look and many new features including these:

  • Reference, create, or edit Calendar invites right from your inbox
  • Snooze emails to move them out of your inbox until a specific time
  • Be reminded to respond to or follow up on messages with Nudges 
  • Act on your messages (archive, delete, mark read/unread, view attachments) from your inbox
  • Reply with suggested responses from Smart Reply
  • Open and close sidebars for more room for your email

About Google Mail

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited storage means no need to delete large emails. You can send, receive, and download attachments up to 25MB (larger files will have to be shared via Drive).

Powerful Search

Search your email the same way you’d search Google. Also try the powerful Keyboard Shortcuts.


Use Gmail’s organizational tools (such as labels) to take control of your communications. You can even fetch email from a personal account to your SBU account

Getting Started

Sign In With NetID

Login to Stony Brook Google Mail at

Sign in with your NetID and password

Email Address Format

Email addresses use the format:

Find your address by clicking on your picture/initial in the top right corner of Google Mail once you log in.

Access From Anywhere

Acesss Google Mail anywhere, desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets

You can even set up offline access for when you don't have internet access!

Google Mail Organization and Customization

Google Mail offers several tools for helping you organize and customize your mail the way you want


Make your emails easier to organize with labels


Use filters to automatically sort out your incoming emails


You can archive messages to move them out of your inbox without deleting them

Change View

You can choose how your emails are grouped in your inbox


You can set up a tabbed inbox to better categorize messages

Inbox Style

You can change how mail in your inbox is ordered 

Vacation Responder

Going away from the office? Turn on your Vacation Responder

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