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Shared Mailboxes are accessed as separate inboxes in Google Mail on a desktop browser. To access, mailboxes must be delegated to each person. Once a shared mailbox has been delegated to someone, it may take up to 24 hours for it to appear for that delegate. If you are expecting access to a delegated account but do not see it, first check that the mailbox administrator (in your department) has delegated the account; if so, sign out and then back in to your mail and check again for the shared mailbox as described below (more on delegating access to a shared mailbox).

Shared mailboxes cannot be accessed from mail apps on mobile devices (because they do not have usernames and passwords). For access from a mobile device, forward shared mailbox messages to your own email account.

In a Shared Mailbox in new Gmail, we cannot edit a contact phone number or email address; change a contact group; or view a contact’s phone number, address, or notes, for example. Learn more.

Access a Shared/Delegated Mailbox

Once the mailbox has been delegated, use these steps to access it:

  1. Click on the image or initial icon at the top right corner of your screen
  2. In the drop-down menu that appears, click on the Shared Mailbox name, it with (delegated) after the email address. If you have a lot of shared mailboxes, you may need to scroll down to see them all.
    access shared mailbox
  3. The shared/delegated account will open in a new tab or window. It will look just like another inbox* but will NOT include:
    • Chat
    • Full access to Contacts
    • Calendar, Docs/Drive, Sites (calendars are delegated separately and will be accessed through My Calendars or Other Calendars in your Google Calendar view)
    • Labs
    • Themes

*Hint: To help you differentiate your personal mail from your shared/delegated mailbox, add a theme (color) to your account.

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