Setting Up Mail Forwarding in Google Mail

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Created: 10/08/2012 Last Updated: 04/08/2024


For those with Stony Brook Google Email Accounts, it is recommended to access your mail through Stony Brook Google Mail at

Those choosing to forward their Stony Brook Google to other accounts should still log in to their SBU Google Account to be sure everything has forwarded and nothing has been missed (for example, if an email went to spam; spam does not get forwarded). Email forwarding is usually reliable, but you assume all risk for messages that are not correctly forwarded to your personal email account.

Forwarding Email

If you would like the email that gets sent to your address to be forwarded to another account that you have access to, follow these directions:

1. Log into your Stony Brook University Google account at using your NetID and NetID password.

2. Click the gear on the top right-hand side of your screen and select Settings.

3. Next, select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and click the Add a forwarding address button.

4. Enter the email address you want to forward your incoming emails to and click Next.

5. Verify the email address at the prompt and click Proceed.  Click OK at the message that appears letting you know that a confirmation code has been sent to your the email address you entered.

6. Enter the confirmation code you received in your other account and click Verify.

7. Select "Forward a copy of incoming mail to [your entered email address]" and choose what you want to do with the email in the next drop down.

8. Send a test email to your account to make sure it gets forwarded to the email account you specified in Step 4.

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