Removing Access from a Google Shared Mailbox

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Last Updated: February 27, 2024
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Coming soon, manage access to shared mailboxes through Google Groups (see below for more information).

Important: If you or a delegated user no longer needs access to the shared mailbox, you must remove the access.

Removing a Delegate's Access to a Google Shared Mailbox

  1. Go to the following URL:
  2. Log in with your NetID and NetID password
     Remove delegated access
  3. Under the “Mailbox Name” click the link associated with the shared maibox that you would like to remove access from
    Remove delegated access
  4. Under the “Google Login” click the link associated with the user you would like to remove from the shared mailbox
    Remove delegated access
  5. Click “Confirm Removal of Delegate (user’s name)”
    Remove delegated access
    Note: If you selected the incorrect person or prefer not to remove the delegated user, click “Return to List Delegates” or you may click “Logoff” if you do not need to perform any actions at this time.

Manage Shared Mailbox with a Google Group

Coming soon: Each shared mailbox has a Google Group as a member, and shared mailbox administrators are managers in the Google Group. To manage access to the Shared mailbox, mailbox administrators add/remove delegates from the Google Group.

Mailbox/Group naming pattern

Each mailbox's Google Group name follows this pattern:

  • Shared Mailbox name: mailbox_name
  • Google Group name: accgrp_mailbox_name

Remove a member/delegate to the mailbox

As a manager of a Shared Mailbox, remove members/delegates or other administrators in Google Groups:

  1. Make a note of my Shared Mailbox name (e.g., DoIT_mailbox)
  2. Go to and sign in with my email address
  3. On the left, click My groups, find the group with the same name as my accgrp_ followed by the shared mailbox name (e.g., accgrp_DoIT_mailbox)
  4. Click the group name to view its options
    Tip: use the search bar at the top to search in My groups for accgrp
  5. Once viewing the group, on the left click People and then click Add members
  6. For Group member you want to remove, hold your mouse over the name and then check the box that appears. Then near the top right, click the ⊖ Remove member button

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