Every active employee, student, and faculty member is assigned a NetID which is used to access various computing resources.


NetID and SOLAR ID Are Two Different Identifiers

NetID and NetID password are used for a variety of campus services, while your SOLAR ID and SOLAR password are only to access SOLAR

Find information about your NetID and NetID password by logging into SOLAR and clicking the NetID Maintenance* link: find out what your NetID is, set your security question, and set/change/test your NetID password.

Setting/Changing Your NetID Password/Passphrase

When setting up your NetID password, you must create a NetID security question/answer. You'll be asked this whenever you attempt to change your NetID password, so make sure you pick a security question and answer that are easy for you to remember.

Keep in mind that whenever you change your NetID password/passphrase in SOLAR, it may take up to 10 minutes to take effect.

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