Stony Brook's virtual private network (VPN) allows access to certain Stony Brook applications, resources, and services from off-campus.
NOTE: The VPN requires a Stony Brook email address and Duo 2-Step login prior to downloading and installing the VPN.  

Be Cyber Smart

Before connecting your computer to our VPN you should ensure that your computer's operating system, antivirus definitions and other security applications are updated prior to connecting to the VPN.

Do I need a VPN connection?

If you are a student, many services can be accessed from the Virtual SINC Site without VPN access, such as

  • MySBfiles
  • Shared Department Folders
  • Remote Desktop Connection to access files or application on work computers

 However,  access to certain campus resources from off campus, such as the PeopleSoft Administrative system and OnBase, you will need to use the Stony Brook VPN.

Signing into the VPN

Duo 2-Step Login

Stony Brook's VPN requires two-step login. That means when you sign into the VPN you will be prompted from second device to approve and finish the authentication.

The VPN uses Duo Security for two-step login. New users will receive an email on how to enroll at least two devices. Current users can add and manage their devices from the Single Sign On (SSO) Settings.
*Be sure to keep your default device handy whenever logging into the VPN.

What is Duo Security Two-Step Login?
Add or Manage Devices

Important Considerations

2 Duo-Enrolled Devices

Be sure to have your default Duo enrolled device available when logging into the VPN. 

You can add and manage devices as well as update Duo settings from any Single Sign On screen.

Managing devices in Duo

Only off Campus

Be aware that the Stony Brook VPN cannot be accessed from a computer on the campus network. You must be off-campus to access it or on WolfieNet-Guest.


Connection Issues

If you are unable to connect initially, please try back at a later time.

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