Using a Duo App Passcode for two-step login when your device does not have internet or cell service

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Last Updated: October 09, 2020
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The recommended way to set up two-step login with Duo Security is to use push notifications on a smartphone utilizing the Duo Push App.  Push notifications are pop-up notifications that appear on your smartphone or tablet's home screen.  You may get them as calendar reminders, notifications for email, sales, or games, etc. They are connected to the apps that you use on your smartphone or tablet.   And they require internet or cell service to work/appear.

When you get a Push Notification from the Duo App, you'll be prompted to approve the authentication.  

If your device does not have internet or cell service, it will not receive push notifications to complete the two-step login process.  However, the Duo App provides another way to log in; via passcode. 

Getting and Using the Duo App Passcodes from your Device

  1. Prior to logging into a system the requires two-step login, tap Duo App on your smartphone or tablet
  2. Tap the green key next to the "Stony Brook University" logo.  
  3. This will reveal a 6-digit number.
  4. Start logging into the system that requires two-step login.  Next to your password, type a comma and then the 6-digit number.   For example, if your password is ilikePizza!!2017 and your Duo Passcode is revealed as121212, then you would enter the following into the password field:

    Password:  ilikePizza!!2017,121212

* You will not be prompted from your device to approve this login afterwards.








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