Duo Security Two-Step Login

Two-Step Login is used to protect your account, even if your password is stolen. 

What is the Purpose of Two-Step Login?


After entering your password into a system (step 1) that is protected by Duo, you will be prompted to authenticate using a mobile device or landline office phone (step 2).

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Two-Step Login adds an extra layer of security.  Even if someone has your password, they will not be able to get into a system that requires Duo.   No one can get in to the system unless the log in is approved  through your default device.



Protected Systems

Duo will challenge users during the login process if they are defined as a Duo user and the service is protected by Duo. 

Duo Protected Systems

RDP Gateway Connections
Stony Brook's VPN
Citrix VPN 
LastPass Enterprise

Coming Soon to Single Sign-On.

Using Two-Step Login

Managing Your Devices

Once you have enrolled into Duo, you can add, remove or switch default devices using the Duo Self-Service portal. Make sure you have at least two devices registered in case your default device becomes unavailable.

Default Devices in Duo

Important Note

When you log into a system that requires two-step login, your default device in Duo Security will ring, send a text or a push notification for you to approve the login finishing authentication process.  

If you do not have this default device available,  you will not be able to log in.  

To ensure that you have a default device in hand or to switch default devices go to Add or Manage Devices.

Activating Duo Mobile

The recommended method is to setup up Duo Mobile on a smart phone to receive push notifications.  A push notification is a message that pops up on your smart phone and allows you to approve the login and finish the authentication process into a protected system, or deny the login if you suspect it is fraudulent.

 Watch this video and learn how easy it is to setup Duo Mobile. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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