Remote Desktop Gateway

RD Gateway establishes a secure connection to remote Stony Brook computers.

A RD Gateway allows you to establish a RDP connection to a Windows system, but tunneled through a HTTPS connection.  It eliminates the need to allow RDP connections directly to a Windows system, which is considered a security risk.

To connect to a remote desktop session on a Windows system, you must configure your Remote Desktop Connection client to use a RD Gateway.  You log onto the RD Gateway using your NetID.  The RD Gateway can be accessed from any Internet connected client. 


Increased Security

Remote access to Servers & Workstations

Off Campus Connections


The RD Gateway can be used for any Windows system on campus that allows for RDP and accepts connections from the RD Gateway.  This would include Windows workstations.  This can be done from both on and off campus (without the need for VPN).  Anyone with a valid NetID and Duo account can use it.

RD Gateway Server List

Server Name:  


RD Gateway requires two-step login to set up and connect. 

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