IT Service Portal

For the fastest response, log in to the Service Portal with your NetID and password to report issues or make requests for IT services.
The DoIT Service Desk will be prioritizing answering help tickets submitted through the Service Portal.

Submit a Request

Log in to the Service Portal with your NetID and password to report issues or make requests for IT services. Your ticket will be automatically routed to the DoIT team best suited for troubleshooting based on the information you provide.

The more detailed your ticket description is, the quicker we can help!


Check Ticket Status

You can also check the status of your tickets by clicking View Your Tickets on the Service Portal.

Tips on Creating a Service Ticket

For the quickest resolutions, please include as much information and as much detail as possible, including

  • Screenshots/Videos to show us exactly what's happening
  • What is happening (e.g., error message/code, course ID/section/instructor, meeting ID)
  • Where you are seeing the problem: Windows or Mac, laptop or desktop, iPad, phone (and type), lab computer, website, specific software/application, browser
  • When this occurred (paste in a screenshot of the entire screen, including the time). When did everything work correctly?
  • Why you are trying to do this action (sometimes knowing what you want to get out of something helps us provide solutions)
  • Who you are trying to collaborate with (name, email, and status)
  • How we can reproduce the issue and things you’ve tried to resolve the issue

*Please do not put in a ticket on behalf of a student. If a student is having a problem they should create the ticket so we can communicate with them directly.

Example Good and Better Ticket Descriptions

Original description: My camera isn’t working properly in meetings.
Better description: When I'm in a Zoom meeting, I don’t see my video. I see a black box where my video should be. This is for class SBU 101.01. It worked yesterday on my old laptop. Today, on my new Windows laptop, it isn’t working. To resolve the issue, I tried leaving the Zoom and going back in, but I am still having the same problem.


Save Time

The Service Portal will automatically populate your name and email address based on your login. This saves you time when submitting a request and frees up Help Desk staff to spend more time assisting you with your issue/request.

Right Help Every Time

In instances where first level troubleshooting is not necessary, ticket auto-routing will allow users to receive faster access to the appropriate DoIT team to address their concern.

Data to Drive Decisions

IT Service Portal will provide data to fuel project prioritization, strategy and IT investment. This means problems with services can be more easily identified and resolved, and business needs that are not being met by the current IT Service Portfolio can be addressed through proper funding and implementation.

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