How Duo Two-Step Login works

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Created: 08/18/2015 Last Updated: 07/02/2024

Two-step login means that when you log into a protected system (step 1), you be prompted to approve this login from your default device (step 2).  If you are not sure which device is your default device learn how to manage your devices.

For systems that are not using SSO

You will not be prompted to use Duo and you will sign into the account without the access being verified.

For systems using SSO (Google mail, Zoom, Qualtrics, TMS..) 

1. Enter your NetID and NetID password. 

2. A screen will appear presenting numbers that need to be entered in the Duo Mobile App. 

3. Enter the numbers that's display on the screen into the Duo Push notification.

4. Select the Verify after entering the numbers for Duo to authenticate the login request.

When you try to log into a system that has Duo Two-Step Login:

  • If you are not an enrolled Duo user, your login will not be verified and you will not be able to get into the system.
  • If you are an enrolled Duo user, you will be prompted by your default device to approve this login or register your 1st device.  
    • If you have Duo app on your phone or tablet, please open the app itself to approve the notification when prompted.

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