How Duo Two-Step Login works

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Last Updated: June 15, 2017

Two-step login means that when you  log into a protected system (step 1), you be prompted to approve this login from another device (step 2)

The second device can be from a mobile phone app (preferred) or a landline as a phone call.  For alternative methods, please contact support at 631-632-9800 or open a service ticket

When you try log into a system that has Duo Two-Step Login:

  • If you are not an enrolled Duo user, your login will not be verified and you will not be able to get into the system.
  • If you are an enrolled Duo user, you will be prompted by your default device to approve this login.  
    • If you have Duo app on your phone or tablet, approve it when prompted:
    • If your default device is your office phone or another landline, you'll receive a call.

*To manage your devices and to change your default device go to the Duo Self Service Portal:   Add or Manage Devices.



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