Reactivating, Removing, and Renaming Devices in my Duo Account and Updating Duo Settings

You can update your Duo settings from the Single Sign On (SSO) screen.

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Last Updated: March 20, 2024
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You can manage devices from the Single Sign On (SSO) screen after you enter your NetID and NetID password.  The instructions below detail how to log into the Settings of the SSO screen to:

  • Reactivate a device - When you get a new phone and your information is copied to the new phone you'll need to reactivate the new phone.
  • Remove a device
  • Rename a device

Managing Your Duo Devices and Settings

  1. Clear your cache if you are working on a computer or work in a private/incognito browser.  This will prevent the "Remember me for 7 days" option from automatically logging you in and bypassing the Settings button. 
    • Clearing Cache shortcut keys:  Windows:  Ctrl + Shift + Delete, Mac:  Command + Shift + Delete
    • Open a Private/Incognito Browser:  Windows:  Ctrl + Shift + N, Mac:  Command + Shift + N
  2. On any Single Sign On page (like Google Mail, Qualtrics, Zoom), log in with your NetID and NetID password.
  3. On the Duo challenge screen, click Other options. This will display a new menu that will display the option to Manage Devices.
  4. Click Manage Devices
  5. Authenticate further by clicking selecting your preferred method of authenticationAfterwards, you'll see additional options for all the devices that you currently enrolled in Duo. 

  6. Click the Edit button next to the device you wish to manage will grant you the option to Delete the device.
  7. For Smartphones, you can click I have a new phone if the device still has the same phone number. You will then prompt to scan the QR code from your smartphone if you have the Duo Mobile App installed. 
  8. For a new device, you can select the Add a device option and follow the prompts to enroll a new device into Duo. 

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