LastPass Enterprise

LastPass Enterprise is a password management service that allows staff to set, store, and safely share unique and secure passwords for enterprise (work) accounts.

(Use LastPass Premium for personal passwords, e.g., those for Facebook, Amazon, personal Gmail, etc..)

About LastPass Enterprise

LastPass Enterprise is for use by Faculty/Staff to store, use, and share passwords for Stony Brook systems only.* 

This password management service that allows you to create, store, and safely share unique and secure passwords for all of your enterprise accounts. Your passwords are safely stored in an encrypted vault accessible from any device, mobile or desktop.

LastPass Enterprise requires Duo Security for multi-factor authentication, requiring you to have access to a mobile device or landline phone for each login. If you do not have a Duo account currently, one will be created for you.

*For storage of personal passwords, we offer free LastPass Premium subscriptions to all faculty, staff, and students.


Generate & Store Strong Passwords

Generate  and safely store strong and unique passwords for each of your accounts.

Access from Anywhere

Use your master password to access all your passwords on computers or mobile devices.

Safely Share Passwords

Safely share passwords with other Stony Brook users.

Free Personal Accounts for You and Your Family

An Enterprise account allows you to enable a free LastPass Families account for personal use, allowing you and up to five others to set up Premium accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

LastPass Enterprise is for only work accounts. For repsonal accounts/passwords, use LastPass Premium.

No one at Stony Brook University, or LastPass, can ever see your passwords. However, due to the Enterprise nature of this offering, passwords can be reassigned to other staff in the event of your departure. Reassignment requires deactivation of your LastPass Enterprise account.

During enrollment, LastPass will prompt you to convert the existing account to an Enterprise managed one, or to create a new account entirely.

LastPass Families is available free of charge for personal use if you have a Stony Brook LastPass Enterprise account. You and up to five additional users can receive personal LastPass accounts for free, which are entirely maintained and supported by LastPass. These accounts are separate entity from your Stony Brook LastPass account, and support is provided by LastPass.

To activate the LastPass Families benefit, log in and navigate to Account Benefits.

No, it is far and away an enhancement to security. Your passwords are encrypted locally on your computer before they ever leave it, so neither LastPass nor Stony Brook have access to your passwords in human readable form, or any form which can be made human readable.

The primary benefit of using LastPass is the ability to use unique, randomly generated, passwords on each service. Using the same password, or many variants of one password, is a serious security issue in today's landscape. Using unique passwords for each service is great security practice because if one service experiences a breach, you need not change dozens of other passwords. Users taking full advantage of LastPass don't even know their own passwords to these services, as LastPass stores and auto-fills them.

Additionally, LastPass Enterprise (and even the personal Premium version) is protected by Duo Two-Step Login, so even if your LastPass password is compromised, an attacker will still not be able to access your passwords.

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