Remember Your Duo Authentication on Your Device for 7 Days (so you don't have to DUO authenticate as frequently)

If you use DUO authentication on a device that only you use, you can have the DUO remember you for 7 days so you don't have to DUO authenticate as often.

This KB Article References: Duo Security Two-Step Login
This Information is Intended for: Instructors, Guests, Researchers, Staff, Students
Created: 11/12/2020 Last Updated: 05/26/2023


Do not use this option for shared devices. Use this option if you are the only one who uses the device and the device is locked/passcode protected when you aren't using it.
This option does not work on phone or tablet browsers.
  1. When prompted for Authentication with Duo, check the box for Remember me for 7 days and then click the option to authenticate with push, call me, or passcode
    remember me for 7 days checked


  1. I don't see the Remember me for 7 days prompt. Why?
    1. If you aren't prompted to select how to authenticate and thus don't see the Remember me for 7 days option, set up DUO to prompt you to choose a authentication method each time.
  2. I checked the box to Remember me for 7 days, but I still was prompted to authenticate with DUO. Why?
    1. The  Remember me for 7 days function is browser-specific, so if you selected this option in Chrome and later use Firefox to sign in, you'll need to check that box in that browser, too.
  3. I cannot check the Remember me for 7 days box. Why? 
    1. Some browsers/browser settings will not let you check this box, for example private/incognito browser windows will not let you check the box. Try a different browser/window, instead.

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