Registering Your First Device with Duo on the NetID Single Sign On (SSO) Screen

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Created: 03/08/2021 Last Updated: 05/17/2024

When you register a device for Duo mobile, remember that you must always have that device available to access your accounts. 

To avoid being locked out of your accounts in case you forget/lose a Duo device, after registering your initial device register additional devices so you have more than one way to authenticate.

  1. Have your Duo device handy, and then enter your NetID and NetID password on a SSO screen and click Login.
  2. If your NetID is enrolled in Duo but you don't have a device registered, you'll see a prompt to First, add a device. In that prompt

    1. Select Duo Mobile [recommended] for use on your smartphone or tablet

    2. If you instead have a token, select Security key (tokens can be purchased at the FSA Offices -West Side Dining, Second Floor- for $24.00+tax using Wolfie Wallet funds only) 

      Duo Mobile First, add a device prompt with Duo Mobile selected.
  3. For Duo Mobile 

    1. Choose a device:

      1. For a tablet with no phone service, select I have a tablet

      2. For a smartphone

        1. enter the phone number and select Add phone number 

        2. Select Yes, it’s correct to confirm you entered the correct number

        3. If prompted to Confirm ownership, select Send me a passcode or Or call my phone to confirm

    2. Download and install the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet from Google Play or the App Store; once you have Duo Mobile installed, click Next

    3. Open the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone/tablet and add this account:

      1. If you’re on a computer, scan the QR code shown on your computer 

      2. If you cannot scan the QR code, select Get an activation link instead. Then enter your email address to send the activation link and follow the instructions to activate the new account in Duo Mobile

  4. For a Security key, add it using the instructions here

  5. When activation has been accepted, click Continue

  6. In the Add one more device prompt, select another device to add (another way to authenticate if you don’t have the device you just added, phone number or Duo Mobile on another device, for example) and follow the steps to add that

  7. When you are finished registering and adding your devices, you’ll see Setup completed; click Log in with Duo to login

Important Points

You will need your Duo device every time you login with the NetID SSO screen. 

On your own devices that only you use, you check Remember me for 7 days to stay Duo-authenticated on that device for 7 days and lessen the number of times you need to authenticate with Duo (do not check this box if you are logging into a public computer)


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