Registering Your First Device with Duo on the NetID Single Sign On (SSO) Screen

Register your 1st device with Duo from the NetID Single Sign On (SSO) page.

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Learn how to enroll your first device with Duo from the Single Sign On (SSO) screen.   

Be sure to have a phone or tablet (or both) handy to register it and to receive Duo push notifications.  You can download and install the Duo App onto your smart phone or tablet from Google Play or the App Store ahead of time or on step 6 below.

See the Tips below for more information on using Duo.

1. On a computer, sign into the NetID SSO screen with your NetID and NetID password and have your phone or tablet handy.  

*If you're registering your device without a computer, you can still follow these instructions by following the note on step 7.


2.  If your NetID is enrolled into Duo but you don't have a device registered, you'll be prompted to register a device.  Recommended devices include smart phones or tablets.
Click Start set up.


3.  Choose the device you want to register and then Continue


4.  If registering a phone, enter the phone number when prompted and continue.


5.  Then verify they type of phone or tablet and Continue.



6.  Install the Duo app onto your smart phone or tablet from Google Play or the App Store.  When  you have the app installed click I have Duo Mobile.



7.  Follow the instructions for scanning the QR code by opening the Duo app on your phone, tapping the "+" button and scan th eQR code from your computer screen.

*If you are registering your device and not using a separate computer screen to scan the QR code then tap "Email me an activation link instead".



8. Click Continue when activation has been accepted:


9.  Under When I log in: choose Ask me to choose an authentication method.

This will allow you to choose any device you have available after you register a second device.

You can +Add another device on this screen or on the Duo Self Service Portal at a later time. 
It is highly recommended to add 2 or more devices in case your default device becomes unavailable.



10.  When you are finished registering (and adding devices) and your settings are correct, click Save and then Continue to Login.  




1.  You will need your device every time you log into the NetID SSO screen, unless you check off Remember me for 7 days



2.  When you register more than one device and choose Ask me to choose an authentication method  under "When I log in" (step 9 above) you can switch to the device that is available to you.   This is quite handy if one of your devices are lost, is updating or out of battery life.


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