MySBfiles is a network storage option for all students, faculty, and staff. Up to 2 GB of data can be stored in your personal MySBfiles which is backed up regularly on an automated basis by University servers. You can access your MySBfiles from on or off campus using a Web browser. 

Note: Users on the UHMC domain will use their Home Directory ("U Drive") instead of MySBfiles. For information please call the UHMC Help Desk at 4-HELP.

Advantages of MySBfiles

Files saved on your MySBfiles are accessible from any computer with Internet access.
The files are protected by anti-virus software.
The files are stored on University servers and are not affected if your machine crashes or is stolen.
You can recover previous versions of your documents by using the Snapshot feature of MySBfiles.

Leaving the University?

IMPORTANT: Since this is your personal data, please make sure you copy any files that you want to take with you before you leave the University. All of your files will be deleted once you leave (transfer, graduate, resign or retire) from the University.

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