Accessing Previous Versions of a File from a Department Shared Folder or MySBfiles

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Last Updated: March 09, 2017

"Snapshots" of MySBfiles and Department Shared Folders are saved every few hours.  You can access a document you altered or deleted from these snapshots.  

For MySBfiles users:  Staff and faculty that have MySBfiles mapped on their work computer can follow these directions as well.  

Navigate to your Department Shared folder or MySBfiles:

  1. On the Desktop, click the Start button and click (My) Computer or press the Windows Logo button + E
  2. You should see your Shared Folder and MySBfiles under Computer.  
  3. *For MySBfiles users who do not see
  4. ~NetID (\\ listed under Computer, then you do not have MySBfile mapped on your computer.  Call Customer Engagement & Support for help! 
  5. Navigate to the folder that contained the file you deleted or edited, but do not open it.
  6. Right-click on the folder and select Restore Previous Version--it may take a few moments to appear.
  7. Click to open the version (snapshot) of the folder that would contain the unaltered document based on the date modified.
  8. Here you can open the document and save it.

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