Department Shared Folders

Department shared folders are a secure and convenient way for staff members within a department to share and collaborate on documents and other files.  You can map department shared folders and control who can access them from the Active Directory.

Advantages of Department Shared Folders


Files stored on the server are backed up nightly.


Important files containing "sensitive" data should not be stored on your computer. If these files are stored on the server they will not be affected if your computer crashes or is stolen.


You can access your shared folder from another computer.

Effective Sharing

You may have a database or spreadsheet that users in different areas of the department may need information from for various purposes. The file can be accessed in the shared folder whenever they need it. You may even want more than one user to maintain data on a spreadsheet or database. They can do so easily when it is in the shared folder.

Important Things You and Your Users Should Know
  • Resources on the server are limited. Department shared folders are allocated 1 gigabyte of storage by default. If necessary, this can be increased.
  • Servers are monitored by the DoIT Core Services Infrastructure group.
  • This folder should be used to store files for work purposes only. Storage of other file types like executable files used to install programs, personal music, screensavers or photos is not recommended.
  • Virus-infected files will be deleted.
  • When you delete files from these folders they do not go to the Recycle Bin on your computer. To recover deleted files, please see the following:
  • In most cases, more than one person can access a file at the same time but only one person can edit the file.

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