Accessing Departmental Shared Network Folders on Mac

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Created: 10/25/2013 Last Updated: 04/08/2024

You can access your department's shared network folder and add it to Mac Favorites, which will make it easier to access files in the folder.


  • Internet access through a Campus Network or VPN
  • Using a computer logged into the domain or authenticating with NetID/NetID password 

Access a Shared Network Folder on a Mac

  1. While connected to a campus network or through VPN, launch Finder by clicking Finder icon in the dock 
    (or use Spotlight search by clicking magnifying glass icon for spotlight search mac near the top right, typing Finder, and selecting
    launch finder from spotlight search
  2. From the Finder menu bar, click Go and select Connect to Server
     finder > go > connect to server
  3. In the Server Address box, type the path for the shared folder using this pattern:
    smb://server name/folder name/
    Note: be sure to include smb: prior to the server name and use the full server name if necessary
    Note: use forward slashes 
    / (rather than \ as on Windows machines)
    as serve as favorite go to server mac
  4. To save this location as a favorite server, click the + button near the bottom left (then it will remain in the Favorite Servers list so next time you can click on it and won't need to type the path in)
  5. Click Connect
  6. If prompted to enter name and password, select Connect as Registered User and enter your NetID for Name and your NetID password for Password, and then click Connect
    logging in with name (NetID) and password (netID password) for connecting to server to access shared department folder on mac
  7. The shared department folder will open in a Finder window.
  8. To make the folder easier to access, drag and drop the folder to the Favorites section on the left side of the finder window
    drag shared department folder to favorites section of Finder

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