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Last Updated: May 06, 2019
  1. Two people in the department are designated as Access Controllers for the shared folder. These people are responsible for giving staff access to the folder and removing access as needed when someone leaves the department.
  2. One Access Controller must complete the online request form and submit it to DoIT Windows Admin. Use your NetID user name and password to access the form. This form must be filled out for every folder that requires its own separate access group. If the Access Controllers change, please create a ticket: or call support at x2-9800
  3. DoIT will email the Access Controllers with all of the necessary information as soon as the folder is created. This will include the location of the folder, the folder name and the access group names.
  4. Customer Engagement & Support or your departmental support technician must install the Active Directory Users and Computers software on both Access Controllers' computers. This software will be used to maintain the access control groups for the shared folder.
  5. Customer Engagement & Support will provide training to the Access Controllers. 

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