All the Options for Connecting to MySBfiles

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Created: 08/01/2012 Last Updated: 04/08/2024

You can connect to MySBfiles anytime, from any computer using your NetID and NetID password.

On a SINC Site Computer

Simply log into the domain: SUNYSB.EDU with your NetID and NetID password when you sign on to the computer. On the desktop of every SINC Site machine is the MySBfiles icon. You can drag and drop files to this icon. You can also save files to the MySBfiles directory. The operating system specific directory names are:

Windows 7 

Windows XP


Web Access

Mapped Drive

You can connect to MySBfiles from any computer connected to a campus network. This type of connection acts more like that of a local folder. 

From Windows: \\\~NetID


From Mac: smb://


From a Computer Already on the Domain 

Windows users who log in to the domain from their campus workstation will find the following when they open (My) Computer:

~NetID on '' (X:)

This is your MySBfiles. You can easily save files to this directory by choosing MySBfiles as the folder option in the Save As dialog box. Mac users who log in to the domain will see an icon to MySBfiles on their desktop.


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