Softweb is Stony Brook's software distribution website. It is the host from which members of the campus community may download different software titles

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Softweb?

Software available on this site may be subject to licensing agreements. Individuals downloading any of these applications are responsible for reading and understanding all licensing agreements and adhering to them.

You can log into softweb with your NetID and NetID Password here:

Softweb contains:

     Symantec Antivirus 

Email & Telnet
    Lotus Notes  |   Thunderbird  |   Google  |   SSH

Web Browsers
     Firefox  |   Google Chrome

University Licensed Applications
     EndNote |  X-Windows |  Impatica |  MINITAB |  Mathematica
     Maple |  SAS |  SPSS |  SPSS-AMOS |  MATLAB

Faculty & Staff Applications
     QWS3270 (SUNY Legacy)  |   Respondus

Stony Brook University Electronic Letterhead
     Microsoft Word Templates for various letterheads for the Campus

University Fixes & Solutions
     Virus Removal Tools  |  Spyware Removal Tools

   Acrobat Reader |  WS-FTP |  Winzip |  Stuffit Expander
   PrintKey |  iTunes |  Office Compatability Tool

What are the benefits of installing Symantec Endpoint Protection?

Viruses are malicious programs that run on a computer. They can take control by being:

  • Destructive: compromising computer files; allowing outsiders to access your files; replicate itself through email (using your address book) or through the network; etc.
  • Non-destructive: consuming computer resources making a computer slow; annoying pop-ups or error messages; etc.

By installing Symantec AntiVirus and ensuring the virus definitions are kept up-to-date, students will be less likely to fall victim to computer viruses.

Additional Information

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