Yammer is Stony Brook's internal social network. It is an online environment for discussion and conversation. It can help you get work done and support teamwork and collaboration across the institution.

What is Yammer?

Why Yammer?
Why should I use Yammer over another form of social media?

Yammer creates a professional social media space for faculty, staff, researchers, and students. What can Yammer do for you?

Get Answers
Ever have a question, but didn’t know who to ask?

Yammer allows you to find answers quickly. Use the power of the University Network to quickly seek out answers to your questions and concerns.

Share Ideas
Looking to float an idea by a group of people?

Share your thoughts and ideas to gain valuable feedback from people. Yammer allows us to connect with people from all across the University.

Stay Informed
Want to stay updated on what’s happening at the University?

Yammer gives you insight into what’s going on at Stony Brook from the perspective of students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

Getting Started

Sign In

Go to yammer.com/stonybrook.edu and sign in with your @stonybrook.edu email address and NetID password. 

If this is your first time signing in, you'll need to set up your account. 

Tailor Your Profile

Like any other social media platform, you'll need to fill out information on your profile so that other users know who you are. You'll also need to choose what content to "follow".

When you follow something, you'll receive relevant updates and posts.

Yammer Interactions

Now that you've configured your profile, you're ready to start interacting with other users. You can make posts, create groups, send messages to individual users, and more

Yammer Tools

Yammer is unique as a social media platform - as it's not limited just to posting and following. With Yammer, you can collaborate on files, collect information with polls, create events, and more. 

Yammer Etiquette

Like any other form of social media - there is etiquette that you should follow when using Yammer. Remember that Yammer is a more professional environment than Facebook or Twitter - and falls under the Stony Brook Social Media Guidelines policy as well as the Stony Brook Appropriate Use of Information Technology policy. 

Yammer Usage Policy

The Yammer Usage Policy covers broad use of Yammer, and should be followed regardless of what you're specifically using Yammer for. 

Yammer Usage Guidelines

The Yammer Usage Guidelines cover basic Yammer etiquette  and specify appropriate use for specific features of Yammer (i.e. - file uploading).

Learn More

Yammer Group

You can join the SBU Yammer User Group - here, you can view information about Yammer, as well as post questions (note: you'll need to complete your account setup and sign in to access this).

Microsoft Support

The Office365 community has a page on Yammer. Here you can access Yammer FAQs, forums, and even directly contact Yammer support staff. 

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