Ways to Use Yammer

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Created: 04/01/2016 Last Updated: 08/11/2020

Ways To Use Yammer

Take advantage of all the features in Yammer. Here is a brief overview of the many tools you can use to engage in the Yammer community.

Browse conversations

Access your My Feed and Groups to see what’s going on

View other PROFILES

Get to know your co-workers’ background and expertise

LIKE a comment

Show that you appreciate, agree or acknowledge with what someone shared

Share a helpful LINK

Post timely articles and relevant news so others can benefit

REPLY to a message post

Provide answers, insights, or suggestions

Post an UPDATE

Use the Publisher to start a conversation or find what you need

Take a POLL

Gather opinions and feedback from others to help inform your decision

Promote an EVENT

Use an Event to build awareness about an upcoming activity

Email a FILE or NOTE

Simply and securely share a file or Note with external parties from anywhere, anytime

PRAISE a co-worker

Recognize a job well done and efforts that go above and beyond

Create a GROUP

Support collaboration for a team, department, or a common interest

CC Colleagues

Draw their attention to the conversation


Discuss a sensitive issue and keep matters discreet

Conduct a SEARCH

View related conversations and files, find people who know the context

Collaborate on a File

Follow, share, and discuss files to any message for others to preview and comment

Create a Note

Co-author content to publish for others to edit and provide comments


Share existing conversations in a group with others, in a private message or in another group

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