WolfieNet-Secure is Stony Brook University's recommended wireless network on West Campus, Southampton, Manhattan, and parts of East Campus. It is available to all faculty, students, and staff. New locations continue to be added as wireless technology and equipment continues to be upgraded and enhanced in order to handle the growing number of devices seeking to connect to the network. For visitors to the University, WolfieNet-Guest is the recommended network to use.

Which WolfieNet?

There are several WolfieNet Networks available to you based on your affiliation with the University and the type of connection you need, but DoIT recommends WolfieNet-Secure for most students, faculty and staff.


Use for the first time when connecting to WolfieNet. This option configures Wi-Fi enabled devices to use WolfieNet properly.

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Best Option

This is the recommended network that should be used on a day-to-day basis after successfully configuring your Wi-Fi devices through WolfieNet-Get-Connected.

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Available only in residence halls for gaming systems. Do not use for academic work or transactions such as banking or online shopping.

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To be used by visitors to the University who do not have a NetID. Users must authenticate and agree to the Wireless Internet Policy.

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