The WolfieNet-Secure wireless network is one of SBU networks available for connecting via WiFi to many of the SBU Campus resources and internet access.  WolfieNet-Secure is the recommended network for all students, faculty, and staff while on campus.  Use your NetID to gain access to this secure network for your personal mobile devices.

Get WolfieNet

Use the SecureW2 wizard (getwolfienet.com) to properly configure any laptop computers, mobile devices, and tablets to make for a quicker and easier connection to WolfieNet-Secure.

Important Notes

  • The new certificate needs to be updated for all devices that connects to WolfieNet-Secure.
  • Your antivirus software may flag this as malware.  Make an exception to allow the app to process.
  • Not on campus?  Run though the SecureW2 wizard now to get a head start then, to complete the process, just connect to WolfieNet-Secure when you get to campus.

Using WolfieNet-Secure

WolfieNet Secure is the recommended network for all students, faculty and staff.
WolfieNet Secure is located in campus buildings, common areas, and the residence halls.
WolfieNet Secure Utilizes WPA2 Enterprise authentication using NetID and NetID password

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