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To properly configure your device to connect to WolfieNet Secure,  use the site.  This will create your wifi profile with the correct, most updated certificate, SecureW2, so that you can connect again and again without having to go through the process of signing in every time.  

About SecureW2

SecureW2 is an onboarding tool to help us get onto the campus' official wifi.  To keep you and your devices cyber-safe, it is highly recommended that you connect using SecureW2 and to be wary of other wifi certificates that may appear as popups on your computers and devices as they may not be a vetted service.


If you are coming back to campus after April 22, 2020, you'll need to

If you are new to campus, you'll only need to be connected to the internet to access  For mobile devices, use your cell service.  For computers, use WolfieNet-Guest.



  1. Go to and select your device if necessary.
  2. Click the JoinNow  button.
  3. Run the downloaded .exe file from your browser

    or from your Downloads folder
  4. Enter your NetID and Password
  5. You will be prompted to enter your computer's password to continue.
  6. When the blue status bar is finished, you will be properly connected to WolfieNet Secure.  Click Done.
    * If you are not on campus while setting up your wifi profile, you will not be connected to Wolfienet-Secure upon success.  Once you come to campus you may choose WolfieNet-Secure as your wifi.

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