Understanding What's Included in Google Mail Replies

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Last Updated: March 22, 2017

When replying to an email message in Google Mail, history is automatically included. The image of trimmed content icon or "Trimmed content" icon contains the history of the email message, in other words, the email string:

image of google mail with trimmed content icon

You may or may not want to send this along with your response.

Replying without History

To remove the entire history,

  1. From the reply, press the down arrow on your keyboard and then press Delete.
  2. This will highlight the Trimmed Content icon and remove it so that your reply will not have history included.
    image of google mail without trimmed content icon

Replying with Some History

To edit out SOME of the history,

  1. From the reply, click theimage of trimmed content icon Trimmed content icon to display the history
  2. Scroll through and delete what you do not want to send.
    image of google mail reply with history showing


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