Searching for Emails from a Sender with Multiple Email Addresses

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Last Updated: February 25, 2016

Have you ever had trouble finding emails sent by people who email you from more than one email address, perhaps both their and addresses? Try these tips:

Tip 1

In the inbox, hold your mouse over a sender's name and click on Emails in the hovercard that appears to see recent emails to or from that email address:

image of hovercard that pops up when holding mouse of sender's name

Tip 2

Use the advanced search options, accessible through the drop down to the right of the search bar

shows image of search bar in google mail

Tip 3

When using advanced search options, try including both name and Notes ID in the From field, for example "Bob Smith" OR bsmith:

shows image of search bar filled out for "Bob Smith" OR bsmith search

Tip 4

Add a keyword to the Has the words field to narrow down results even more, for example budget:

shows image of search bar filled out for "Bob Smith" OR bsmith search and keyword budget

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