Determining Which Shared Mailbox You Administer And Who Can Access It

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Last Updated: October 08, 2018

Shared Mailboxes have at least 2 administrators and can have up to a total of 25 delegates (including the administrators) who can access the Shared Mailbox. Find out which Shared Mailboxes you're an Administrator for (and who the delegates are) with these instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your NetID and NetID password and click Start
    Shared Mailbox Administration Login screenshot
  3. If you're an Administrator for Shared Mailbox(es), a table will display showing the Mailbox Name of each Shared Mailbox your Administer; If you see the message “Sorry. You are not currently designated as an Administrator of any Shared Mailboxes at this time,” you are not the administrator for any shared mailboxes. 
  4. To view delegates of a mailbox, under "Mailbox Name" click the link associated with the shared mailbox you would like to view delegates for (e.g., DoIT_project)
    shared mailbox list with Mailbox Name: DoIT_Project (which is clickable); and Description: Demo Shared Mailbox
  5. A list of delegates (including admin and non-admin delegates) of that mailbox will display. 
    view delegates of shared mailbox with google login, name, department, and status
  6. To view delegates for another Shared Mailbox, click Return to Administer Shared Mailboxes near the bottom.
  7. When finished, click Logoff.

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