Setting Up Departmental Shared Mailboxes

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Last Updated: January 16, 2019

A Shared Mailbox in Google Mail is an inbox that functions similar to your Google inbox, but up to 25 people can have access to it from a desktop browser. Shared mailboxes can be requested by faculty and staff for departmental or official student organization use.

Shared mailboxes differ from primary Google accounts in that they do not have Chat nor Labs and senders cannot change the "from" address for messages sent from a shared mailbox nor can they be accessed from mobile device mail apps. Shared mailbox are also just mailboxes; they do not have access to other apps (e.g., Calendar, Drive). Also, after October 16, 2018, you may lose access to view and edit certain features in Contacts in your Shared Mailbox due to an issue that has been reported to Google.

If your department needs an email address that several people can read, respond to, and organize messages for from their desktop computers, a shared mailbox might be perfect. 

Once you have a shared mailbox, here's what's next:

  1. Mailbox administrators need to delegate access to themselves and other delegates
  2. Once delegated, delegates will need to access the mailbox to check/respond to messages

Request a Shared Mailbox

Student clubs/organizations can also request a physical mailbox (for snail mail) as well as a club website from CollegiateLink at Contact the Student Activity office at (631) 632-9392 for additional information.

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