Marking Emails as Spam or Phishing in Google Mail

If you have a spam or phishing email, you can report it using tools in Google Mail

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Last Updated: May 31, 2018

If you have an email you suspect is spam or a phishing attempt to steal information, use the below Google Mail tools to report it. When you report an email as spam or phishing, "Google will look into the reported email to investigate the issue."

"" Learn more about identifying phishing emails

Mark an Email as Spam

If you suspect an email is spam, report it

  1. Select or open the message
  2. Click the Spam button ! report spam button near the top of the message

Once a message is in Spam, it will be deleted automatically after 30 days, or you can delete spam manually.

Unmarking an Email as Spam

If you have an email that is incorrectly labeled as spam (or in your trash), follow these steps to unmark it.

Report a Phishing Email

If an email is asking for your personal information, do not give any personal information, forward it to, and report the email as phishing:

  1. Open the email
  2. Near the top right of the message, click the 3 dots
  3. Select Report Phishing

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