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Last Updated: June 26, 2023
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Stony Brook students do not get to keep their email accounts for life, but DoIT has worked with University Advancement/Alumni Relations to establish a separate Google Apps domain for SB graduates. Important emails or data that students created or saved in their accounts while they were an active student (either in Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Drive, Sites, or Microsoft Exchange for Stony Brook Medicine students) should be backed up, saved, or forwarded to another location before or immediately after graduation. The good news is that students have 200 days until their accounts are deactivated, so there is plenty of time to take the necessary steps to back up files.

Advantages of Alumni Google Accounts

  • Storage for Mail and Drive
  • in your email address
    • Your email address will be
    • Members of the domain may hold on to the account for as long as Stony Brook continues to use Google Apps for Education. A separate retiree domain ( has also been created

Important Facts To Consider

  • Directory lookups cannot be done across domains. Members of the domain and retiree domain will not have access to the main University Directory that includes active students and employees in their Google Contacts.
  • Since alumni do not have active NetIDs, they cannot use NetID passwords to sign in to Google Apps. A unique password will be provided when the account is created.
  • Alumni accounts may be subject to Google advertising.
  • Data will not be migrated into the system from existing email accounts. Emails needed from an existing account will need to be manually forwarded to your new Google account, saved as a PDF, or backed up in some other secure location (e.g. external hard drive, burned to CD or DVD, etc.). Check under the related links section for more information on how to transfer over files from your old account. 
  • Only those individuals marked as having earned a Stony Brook degree will be eligible for these accounts. 
  • Stony Brook University still technically “owns” the account. Granting IT services to alumni past their graduation date benefits both the University and its alumni by maintaining a continued connection; however, alumni are subject to the same P 109 Appropriate Use of Information Technology policy as active employees.

Request an Account

For more information or to request an account on Stony Brook's Google Apps alumni domain, contact Alumni Relations at (631) 632-6330 or visit

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