Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the calendar feature offered with Google Apps for Education. It allows users to easily create, share, edit, and delete meeting invitations, calendar events, and tasks. These are easily accessed and synced between computers and mobile devices.

Issue Printing Google Calendar in Chrome

Why can't I print Google Calendar to a printer in Chrome anymore?

In Chrome, version 77.0.3865.90, printing Google Calendar downloads a PDF file but does not provide an option to print directly to a printer. 


  • In Chrome, select the gear > print > print; then open the downloaded PDF file and print it
  • In Chrome, right-click on the calendar and select Print (prints a not-as–nicely-formatted version of calendar)
  • In Firefox, log into Google Calendar, and print from there (in Firefox, you should still see the option to select a printer)

About Google Calendar

Access Anywhere

Access Google Calendar on computers or mobile devices (even offline). Calendars sync, so you can create an event on your computer and receive a notification on your phone. For the best mobile experience, use the Google Calendar App.

Work with Others

Google Calendar allows you to have private or shared calendars. You're not limited to one calendar either: you can create shared calendars for projects and request a request a resource calendar to reserve rooms and equipment.

Get Organized

Set up notifications to pop-up at set time before your event and create reminders, to-do lists that carry over until marked done. On mobile devices, use the Google Calendar App.

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