Viewing Guests' Availabilities (Google and Exchange Users) in a Calendar Event

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Last Updated: November 07, 2019

Stony Brook Google Calendar users and Microsoft Outlook (Exchange) users can view each other’s free/busy times in their respective Calendar programs.  

Google Calendar

For Google Calendar users

  1. Add guests' Stony Brook email addresses 
    1. For Stony Brook Medicine users, you must use their email addresses (using Stony Brook Medicine users' email addresses will not work but will indicate that the calendar can't be displayed by an *)
    2. Google Calendar users may see up to 62 days into the future when using the Find a Time or Meet With functions.
  2. Click Find a Time, and if you have access to view their free/busy time, their free/busy times will display​​​​​​
  3. If guests' names have * after them, their calendar can't be displayed (because you may not have permission to access the indicated calendars or the guests may not use or supported calendar)
    view guests' free/busy time google calendar Find a Time

Microsoft Outlook (Exchange)

For Microsoft Outlook (Exchange) users
(the way you access Scheduling and how it looks might be slightly different depending on your version of Outlook)

  1. Add guests' Stony Brook email addresses ( or
  2. Click Scheduling, and if you have access to their free/busy time, their availabilities will display
  3. If no information for outlook calendar guest displays for guests, their free/busy information is not available. 
    view guests' free/busy time outlook calendar Scheduling

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