Viewing Calendars Side by Side in Day View

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Created: 01/19/2018 Last Updated: 04/08/2024

If you have side by side calendars enabled (for Day View) in Google Calendar, you'll see people's main calendars and Resource calendars in separate columns. Any calendars you or a colleague created will display in the first column with your main calendar. 

  • The first column will show your main calendar AND any calendars you/coworker created (secondary calendars)
  • Additional columns will separately display others' calendars (i.e., other primary calendars) and SBU Resource calendars

More on SBU Resource Calendars

Julie Sharma's primary calendar ( displays in the first column with a coworker created room calendar and team calendars (coworker created); an SBU resource calendar and Nichole Gladky's calendars display separately in their own columns

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