Sharing Your Google Calendar So Stony Brook Users Can See Your Free/Busy Time

Set your Google Calendar's availability so that Stony Brook University users can see your free/busy time for easier scheduling. 

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This Information is Intended for: Instructors, Researchers, Staff, Students
Created: 08/28/2023 Last Updated: 12/13/2023
  1. Go to your Google Calendar at
  2. In the left sidebar under My Calendars, hold your mouse over the name of the calendar you want to share. Click the 3-dots and then select Settings and sharing.
    Tip: If you don't see the left sidebar, click the main menu button in the top left corner to expand it
  3. On the left, click Access permissions for events, and then check the box for Make available for Stony Brook University and select See only free/busy (hide details)
  4. Click the arrow in the top left corner to navigate back to your Calendar
  5. Stony Brook University members can now see your free/busy time (your busy time will be blocked out and marked busy) using tools like Google Calendar Find a time and Outlook Scheduling

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