Setting Up a Recurring (Repeating) Meeting in Google Calendar

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Created: 09/07/2012 Last Updated: 08/11/2020

Google Calendar supports repeated meetings. To set one up, in your meeting invitation, put a check in the "Repeat ... " box and select your options in the Repeat dialog box. Examples of possible repeating events include daily meetings; Monday, Wednesday, Friday meetings; monthly and bi-weekly events.

To create non-regular repeating patterns, set up the regular repeating event and then modify the events that differ from the pattern.

Learn how to

Create a New Repeating Event 

  1. Sign in to Google Calendar at
  2. Click on Create (upper left corner) 
  3. Enter the title, time, and date for your event (you'll want to pick the date of the closest upcoming event, as it will create events repeating from this date onward)
  4. Click on the Repeat box
    repeat option in google calendar event
  5. Fill out desired repeat schedule and click Done
    google calendar repeat options set up to repeat monthly of second tuesday of month  
  6. Click Save (upper left corner)

Set an Existing Event To Repeat

  1. Sign in to Google Calendar at
  2. Click on the event you want to repeat and if the event pop-up displays, click Edit event
    edit event option in google calendar event pop up
  3. Repeat the above creating a new repeating event steps 4 - 6

Make Changes to an Existing Repeating Event

  1. Sign in to Google Calendar at
  2. Click on the event you want to edit and click Edit Event
  3. Make your changes to the event
  4. Click Save
  5. When you click save, another window will open; select the option you want from
    • Only this event: Modify only the event on the date you're currently modifying
    • Following events: Modify all repeating events in this series from this date onward
    • All events: Modify all repeating events in this series, even past ones
Google Calendar does not support creating custom recurring events (i.e., random dates that do not follow supported patterns) from the start. Recurring events you can create include a meeting repeating the 2nd Friday of every month. If you'd like one of those meetings to be a Thursday instead, locate the event you want to change on the calendar, click on it to edit it, and change the date just for this instance (or in Week View of the calendar, drag and drop the Friday instance (box) to Thursday). When prompted with the Edit recurring event message (step 5 in "Make Changes to a Repeating Event"), select "Only this event."

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