Google Contacts

Google Contacts stores and organizes contact information for those you communicate with and the Stony Brook Directory. Contacts can contain basic information-like names, email addresses, and phone numbers-or extended information, like physical addresses, employers, departments, job titles, or custom notes. Contacts sync with the other Google Apps (Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts) and mobile devices so you have easy access from anywhere. 

Contacts in Shared Mailboxes: Action Required

October 08, 2018

When everyone is on new Gmail starting October 16th, 2018, you may lose access to view and edit certain features in Contacts in your Shared Mailbox* due to an issue that has been reported to Google. We recommend you take two actions by October 16th. 

  1. Export a copy of the Shared Mailbox Contacts 
  2. Check the setting for creating contacts for auto-complete 

Learn how to complete these two actions

About Google Contacts

Store and Organize Your Contacts

Google Contacts is an app designed to store information about the other users you communicate with - you can easily organize and seach your contacts through Google Contacts

No Need to Search for Information

You can use your contacts to store names, email adresses, phone numbers, addresses, employer, department, or job title.

Quickly Send Emails/Make Calls

Google Contacts will work with your other Google apps (such as Google Mail and Google Hangouts), so that you can easily access your information when you need it.

Getting Started with Google Contacts

Sign In

Sign in with your email address and your NetID password at Access Google Contacts from other Google apps by clicking on the grid icon in the top right corner.

Start Adding Contacts

From Contacts, click on the red "New Contact" button near the top left corner; then fill out information for that contact. Learn more about creating, editing, and removing contacts.

Use Your Contacts

Google Contacts syncs with your other Google applications and suggests contacts. For example, when you start typing in the "To" field in an email, a list of suggested email addresses from Google Contacts will appear.

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