Configuring iPhone/iPad for Google Apps

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Created: 10/03/2012 Last Updated: 03/01/2024
The preferred method for accessing Google Mail and Calendar on iPhone/iPad is to use the Google Calendar and Gmail Apps you can get from the App Store; they provide the best experience, the most features, and better searching. 
If your Google Account was previously set up as an Exchange Account for access in the Apple Mail and Apple Calendar apps for example, by June 2020, to continue using those apps, you need to remove the Exchange account and re-add it as a Google Account.

To best access Google Mail and Calendar on an iPhone/iPad, use the corresponding Google app: Gmail, Google Calendar. To view your Google Contacts* in the iPhone Contacts app or to use the built in Apple apps, set up your Google Account on your device as follows:

I: Before Setting up in Google or Apple Apps

To access Stony Brook's Google Apps on a mobile device using Apple or Google apps, you have to first change your NetID password in SOLAR.

It takes 10-15 minutes for the new password to take effect, so if your NetID password is not immediately accepted while following the below steps, it may be because your password is not yet synchronized with Google's servers. Wait a few more minutes and try again.

II. Setting up Google Apps

To use the Google Apps, download and sign into the Google Mail and Google Calendar apps from the App store:

III. Setting up Apple Apps to show Google Mail and Calendar 

If your Google Account was previously set up as an Exchange Account (instead of as a Google Account), delete the account and re-add it as a Google Account.

  1. On your iPhone/iPad, open Settings
  2. Scroll to Accounts & Passwords and tap to open it
    iphone settings > accounts & passwords
  3. If you already have your Google Account set up, tap on it. If it shows Exchange, click Delete Account, and then re-add it as a Google Account following the next steps
    exchange delete account
  4. Tap Add Account
    iphone mail contacts calendar settings with add account selected
  5. Tap Google
    Add google account to iphon
  6. Enter your email address and click Next
    add google account sign in with for email address
  7. On the NetID Single Sign on screen, enter your NetID and NetID password and click Login
  8. Select which services (Mail, Contacts*, Calendars, and/or Notes) you'd like to sync to the Apple Apps on your iPhone/iPad by selecting the corresponding slider to slider on/enabled/green on and click Save (if prompted to keep or delete data from iPhone, select Keep)
    mail calendar contacts on with save button highlighted
  9. To select which calendars to view in the Apple Calendar app on iPhone/iPad, open the Apple Calendar app Apple Calendar app icon: Monday 10 and tap Calendars at the bottom
    apple calendar app Calendars option
  10. Tap to select the calendars you'd like to display (a checkmark appears next to those that will display), and then click Done in the top right
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  11. Your Google Mail, Google Contacts*, and Google Calendar(s) will now show in the Apple Mail and Calendar apps on your iPhone/iPad

*Email addresses from the entire Directory, your Other Contacts and Contacts will auto-complete in the To/CC/BCC fields in the Gmail App.

Only Google contacts in your Contacts section and their contact details will display in the iPhone Contacts App. The full SBU Directory is searchable through the iPhone Contacts app by clicking on Groups at the top left, and then Global Address List; then all or part of a person's name and click search.