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Google Sites

Google Sites is an online application that makes it easy to host personal websites, especially for people who need quick, up-to-date access, with limited or zero Web development expertise.

What Can I Use Google Sites for?

With Google Sites, you can gather a variety of information in one place and easily share it for viewing or editing with a small group, an entire organization, or the world.


Create a professional-looking site regardless of web design experience. Customize your site's look or choose from a variety of templates and page types. Users with CSS, Java, or HTML experience can add custom code.


Google Sites can be used by multiple people to collaborate on building a site. Use Revision history to keep track of who made what changes. When sharing your site, share with the world, just those in the Stony Brook domain, specific people, or only people with the link.

Share Content

You can embed and display various types of content on your Google Site, allowing you to quickly gather a variety of information in one place and easily share it. You can also add "Objects and Apps" - such as Google Spreadsheets or videos.

Getting Started with Google Sites

Sign In

At sites.google.com sign in with your firstname.lastname@stonybrook.edu email address and your NetID password

Create Your First Site

Check out this article, or this video when creating your first site.

Edit Your Site

To learn how basics of editing your site, check out this KB article.

Learn More

You can check out any of these resources to learn more about using Google Sites. 

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