Google Meet (Web Conferencing)

Use Google Meet for video conference meetings and screen sharing with up 250* participants.

Google Meet (Web Conferencing and Screen Sharing)

Google Meet is a simple-to–use Web Conferencing tool

  • *250 attendees (temporary 250 limit will return too 100 on October 1st)
  • Anyone can join, even without a Google Account
  • Dial-in phone capability
  • Screen sharing
  • *Record Meet sessions and save to Drive (temporary)
  • *Live Stream Meet sessions for up to 100,000 viewers (temporary)
  • Built-in chat tool
  • Works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers
  • Works on any mobile device
*Effective October 1, 2020, we will no longer have access to Google Meet recording or live streaming; the participate limit will also return to 100 (from 250). Google had temporarily enabled these features.


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Visit Google's Hangouts Meet and Chat Help and Learning Center

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