Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is the successor to Google Chat. It's great for sending a quick chat message, calling phones from your computer, or holding meetings with people spread over campus or the world! It is now one of the core apps covered under the terms of service agreement Stony Brook (SUNY) has with Google.

Getting Started


You can instant message (text/chat) in Hangouts right away. To make video/voice calls, you'll need a microphone, headphones/speakers, and a webcam. If you don't have these, you may be able to borrow them from A/V Services.

Sign In

Sign into Google hangouts with your email address and use your NetID password. Already signed into another Google app? No need to sign in again.

Sign In to Hangouts 

New to Video Chat?

If you're new to video chat, familiarize yourself with some basic video-chat etiquette before you make your first call. The link below offers a quick written guide, as well as a video tutorial. 

Hangouts Etiquette 

Launch Hangouts

There are several different ways to launch a hangout session: launch directly from the Hangouts page, schedule a session via Google Calendar, or launch from Gmail.

Learn how to join a Hangout from Mail or Calendar:

About Google Hangouts

Hangouts greatly enhances the collaborative experience and enables committees, project teams, and researchers to make free video calls directly from their computers, smartphones, and tablets.



Text, Video, Voice, and Phone Calls

Google Hangouts allows for free text, video, and voice calls, even to many phones.

25-Person Video Chats

Hangouts with other SBU Google Accounts can have up to 25 people (with non SBU Google accounts, can have up to 10).

Hangout with Anyone

By default, Hangouts are within SBU only, but you can open them to invite anyone to join, even those without Google accounts.

Add Hangouts to Calendar Events

Need to hold a meeting online? Add, change, or join a Google Hangout through Google Calendar events.

Share Your Screen

Hangout on Any Device

See What Hangouts Can Do

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