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Fall 2018, Google Hangouts now has Hangouts Chat (collaborative messaging) and Hangouts Meet (video conferencing). These tools are great for sending a quick chat message, having a space for team chat, and holding meetings with people across campus or the world. It is a core app covered under the terms of service agreement Stony Brook (SUNY) has with Google.

Fall 2018: New Hangouts Chat and Meet

Fall 2018, Google's messaging and video conferencing app, Hangouts, will have two separate new collaboration tools: Hangouts Chat for messaging and Meet for video conferencing. You can still use Hangouts in Gmail, too (and direct messages from Hangouts Chat sync with Hangouts in Gmail).

Hangouts Chat

Hangouts Chat is a new collaborative messaging tool. It allows you to chat, share content, schedule meetings, and more in a shared space with your team. And all of your teams can have their own spaces. Use Hangouts Chat for 1-to-1 messaging, too. Use Chat in desktop browsers and as Android and iOS apps. 

Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet is the new, simplified video conferencing experience: it has dial-in phone support, screen share, and chat, up to 25 attendees, and doesn’t require any downloads. Meet is supported only in Chrome and Firefox or in the Android or iOS Meet apps (it doesn't work in Firefox, IE, or Safari).

Getting Started


You can send text messages in Hangouts in Gmail or Hangouts Chat right away. Use Meet on your computer in Chrome or Firefox with your phone or headphones/speakers and a microphone for audio and an optional webcam (you may be able to borrow equipment from A/V Services).

Access Hangouts

Classic Hangouts is in Google Mail. Access Hangouts Chat at and Hangouts Meet at (Meet works only in Chrome or Firefox). If prompted, sign in with your email address and NetID password. 

Use Hangouts

Hangouts Chat*

Collaborative Messaging

  • Private conversations: Send direct messages to a colleague or a few people.
  • Group conversations: Communicate with your team in a Room where everyone's on the same page because new members can see the entire conversation history. And conversations in Rooms have multiple threads to keep separate topics separate.

*As of October 2018, Hangouts Chat only works among SBU Google Accounts.

Get started with Hangouts Chat

Hangouts Meet**

Video Conferencing

  • Start impromptu meetings with up 25 attendees
  • Hold scheduled video conference meetings with screen share, dial in/out to phones, and chat
  • Hold meetings from your desk with attendees across campus or the world 
  • Allow meeting invitees to join remotely

**Anyone can join a Hangouts Meet session, even without a Google Account

Get started with Hangouts Meet

Learn More

Visit Google's Hangouts Meet and Chat Help and Learning Center

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